Substrates PL are made on the basis of high quality peat, which are characterized by excellent physical and chemical properties, in particular: increased air and water permeability, low ash content and low concentration of water-soluble salts, which allows creating ideal conditions for plant growth and development. The water-holding agent increases the hygroscopicity of the peat and the water absorption rate.

Substrates PL do not require the addition of lime. Do not contain pathogens, seeds of weeds and phytopathogenic organisms. Due to the high packing ratio at packing, the bale has compact dimensions from the outside and contains the largest possible volume of the substrate itself.

Substrate characteristics PL

Code Fraction, mm Fertilizer 14-16-18, kg/m3 рH Raw material
Type 1 0-5 0,5 кг 5,8-6,0  Horse peat, lime, fertilizer, water-retaining agent
Type 2 5-15 0,5 кг 5,8-6,0 Horse peat, lime, perlite, clay, fertilizer, water-retaining agent
Type 3 15-40 0,5 кг 4,0-5,0 Horse peat, lime, perlite, clay, fertilizer, water-retaining agent, coniferous earth