Smart Grow is a series of special, liquid, highly concentrated, organo-mineral fertilizers based on an extract of seaweed and potassium humate, enriched with amino acids, macro- and microelements.

The main characteristic of the components of Smart Grow:

* Humate Humate – humates synergistically combine various physical, chemical and biological properties that positively influence all stages of plant ontogeny. Humic substances and fulphic acids that make up the humate of potassium, activate the soil microflora, stimulate its growth and development, which leads to improved soil conditions, soil enrichment with nutrients, oxygen and humus, and this, in turn, improves the nutrition and development of plants, increases their immunity. Humates bind the remains of pesticides, heavy metals, clean the soil of various chemical pollutants.

* Seaweed extract – derived from Sargasso algae (Sargassum), Laminaria (Laminaria) and Ascophyllum (Ascophyllum Nodosum). It is rich in biologically active substances, such as alginic acid, natural amino acids, polysaccharides, hormones and vitamins. Betaine stimulates the synthesis of chlorophyll, enhances the ability of the root system to absorb water, increases the resistance of plants to low and high temperatures. Polysaccharides improve the penetration of nutrients and water into plant cells and also is a source of energy. Vitamins and perhormonal substances (auxins and cytokinins), which are part of the extract of algae, help the plant synthesize the hormones and phytoalexins necessary for it, which ensures the immunity and normal development of plants. Auxins activate the growth of stems, leaves and roots. Cytokinins stimulate cell division and activate terrestrial growth. Mannitol is a powerful natural chelating agent that helps other substances (in the tank mix) to penetrate faster into the plant and to be used more efficiently by plants, stimulates the growth, development and fructification of plants, activates the processes of synthesis and photosynthesis, increases the chlorophyll content in leaves

* Macro and trace elements included in Smart Grow contain a unique balanced combination of elements that are specially designed to meet the needs of plants in nutrition during various stages of development and control of vital functions such as photosynthesis, respiration, metabolism, providing their immunity.

* Amino acids – act as a source of energy for accelerated plant growth, are easily absorbed by the leaves and can act as chelating agents when used in a tank mix with pesticides or other fertilizers.

The unique composition of SMART Grou fertilizers, as well as the ratio of quality and reasonable price, allows them to be in great demand among agricultural producers.