A wide assortment of cassettes will be able to satisfy any requests of vegetable growers.

A reliable design guarantees the use of cassettes for up to 5 seasons, which significantly reduces the cost of seedling. Thanks to strengthened sides, cassettes for seedlings can be transferred without damaging the plants.

The advantage of growing seedlings in cassettes for seedlings (seeding cassettes):

the same growth conditions for all plants;

the root system is not damaged during transplanting;

good separation of the root system of individual plants;

saving seeds and substrate, as well as reducing transport costs;

the possibility of obtaining a large and balanced batch of plants;

saving space in the greenhouse (thickening of plants from 200 to 2000 in 1 square meter);

lower labor intensity of production;

energy saving;

effective protection of plants against diseases transferred from soil;

possibility of re-use of cassettes;

ease of disinfection after each treatment cycle;

the possibility of breeding from seedlings of plants that do not tolerate transplantation (Chinese cabbage is an example).

Growing seedlings in cassettes with cone-shaped cells using a small amount of substrate provides excellent plant development, root formation, and easy maintenance. Plants grown in these cassettes, take root faster during transplantation. In addition, obtaining seedlings in such a way is more economical.

The number of cells The size of the cassette, cm The size of the cell, cm
The volume of the cell, cm3
21 54х28
6,2х6,5х3 128
32 54х28
5,3х5,8х2,7 100
50 54х28
72 54х28
96 60х40
4,2х6,5х1,2 55
105 54х28
128 54х28
160 60х40
3,2х3,2х1,2 25
288 54х28