Spray hose – designed for top sprinkling spray. A new product in the Ukrainian watering equipment market is a top sprinkling system consisting of a round flexible hose that can easily be mounted in an already existing drip irrigation system. Resistant to clogging.

Application: Watering crops on the open ground. Watering seedlings in open and closed ground. Protection of plants from early spring frosts.

Light stabilizing additives used in the tape protect it not only from ultraviolet radiation, but also make it resistant to chemical attack on it of pesticides and various fertilizers used in the process of growing plants, thereby increasing the life of the plant.

Spray hose is more efficient and economical than traditional spray systems. This system spreads easily and quickly, does not curl. The mounting of a drip strip fog costs less and takes less time. Increases the productivity of crops. Tape for drip irrigation fog – a system of top irrigation, sprinkling (sprinkling) method. It consists of a round flexible hose that can be easily mounted. The tape is made only from primary materials used in products in contact with food. The application of micro-irrigation ensures uniform, fine-dispersed moistening of the soil, so that a crust is not formed on its surface, optimal air humidity is created and, in general, favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants.

It is recommended to use sprinkling irrigation on early vegetables (radish, onion, carrots, cabbage) and also for green crops (lettuce, parsley, dill, etc.). Simple operation, easy installation and dismantling make micro-irrigation economically attractive both for suburban areas, small greenhouses, so for large and medium-sized farms. The system is easy to use, the hoses are placed in the aisles, and can be used in a suspended state.


Width of the tape, mm Wall thickness, mm Width of irrigation, m Operating pressure, Р nom bar Operating pressure, Р max bar Meterage in the bay (m)
40 0,20 3 – 3,5 0,5 0,8 100/200
50 0,30 6 – 7 0,6 0,9 100/200
60 0,30 6 – 7 0,6 0,9 100/200
70 0,30 8 – 10 0,8 1,2 100/200