Determination of the diameter of the distributing pipeline

Diluting pipeline – an element of the drip irrigation system and serves to deliver irrigation water from the main pipeline to the dropping tape.

The pipeline can be made of any material that can not be corroded. It must have a sufficient diameter to allow and evenly distribute the required volume of water. The diameter of the distribution piping is calculated based on the volume of water consumed, the length of the sleeve and the number of connected drip lines.

For small areas it is recommended to use a PE pipe made from primary raw materials (“primary”). In the market there is a wide range of fittings (fittings, mini-cranes, toothed joints) for connecting drip lines to the PE pipe. For industrial sites (with an area of ​​more than 1 hectare), it is recommended to use a flexible reinforced PVC hose Layflat (Layflat) as a distribution pipeline. It does not deform under the influence of temperature, does not break down from UV rays, has a long service life (more than 5 years), withstands a pressure of 4 Atm and allows the passage of wheeled vehicles (in the absence of pressure). For connection with drip lines a wide range of connecting and locking accessories is provided. Layflat is the most suitable for the execution of a distribution pipeline, not comparable to any other types of pipelines.